• seminar format
  • one hour to full day seminars
  • anatomy and physiology of the swing
  • fitness routines geared towards golf
  • general fitness education
  • injury prevention strategies
  • injury management strategies

Golf Fitness Workshops can take place at your golf club:


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Golf is a very skillful game that doesn’t necessarily require people at a recreational level of play to be “athletic” or “fit”. Golf can

be enjoyed by people of all fitness levels. That said, isn’t it more fun to golf with more power, endurance, less risk of injury and

faster recovery from injuries if they occur? Working on improving your golf specific fitness helps with all of the above.

It may even lower your score!

Our Golf Fitness Services

Golf Fitness Workshop Seminars at Golf Clubs
Golf Fitness Workshops at ATHLETIFY
Golf Biomechanics Assessment
Golf Fitness Classes at ATHLETIFY

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