athletify Physiotherapy Clinic in Aurora

​Physiotherapy in Aurora

​​​​​​​Each physiotherapy session is made up of a multimodal treatment approach: 

  • Manual Therapy
    • Using hands-on techniques to improve your joint, soft tissue and nerve mobility
  • Acupuncture 
    • Using disposable sterile needles to enhance your body's own healing capabilities 
    • Both Dry Needling and traditional Acupuncture approaches  
    • Not a fan of needles? Don't worry, we can treat in other ways! 
  • Therapeutic Exercise
    • Specific movements that rectify imbalances and enhance the effectiveness of your sessions in the clinic
  • Shockwave Therapy
    • ​An advanced electrotherapeutic device that sends a shockwave of energy into chronically injured tissues to promote healing
    • Additional charges apply for this physical therapy approach  
  • Fees: 
    • ​Initial Assessment: $95.00
    • Follow up treatments: $95.00
    • ​EXTENDED Follow up treatments: $170.00 
      • For those who like even more one-on-one manual therapy and exercise coaching
    • ​Physiotherapist one-on-one Pilates: $95/30min

ATHLETIFY will provide you with a receipt (printed and/or electronic) that you can submit to your insurance provider.

Physiotherapy ​(SEE RATES BELOW)

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